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Germplasm Bank of Wild Species
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Current Group Members


Name: Xuewen Wang PhD 

Phone: +86-(0)871-65238370 

Email: wangxuewen@mail.kib.ac.cn 

Research group: Bennetzen's group in KIB 

Office: Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China 

Address: 132# Lanhei Road, Heilongtan, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, China 

Webpage: http://www.escience.cn/people/wangxuewen/index.html

Xuewen Wang’s CV 

2013.4-today, research scientist, group leader in Prof. Jeffrey Bennetzen's group in KIB 

2013.3-2013.3, research scientist, leader of bioinformatics platform of China Tobacco Gene Research Center 

2008.3-2012.3,postdoctoral research associate in University of Georgia, US 

2004.12-2008.3, PhD, majored in molecular genetics Ph.D. in King’s College London, University of London, UK 

2000-2004.12, lecturer in Xiangtan University, China 

1996.9-1999.7, master Sc.College of life sciences, Peking University, China 

1991.9-1996.7, bachelor Sc.College of life sciences, Peking University, China  

He conducted his postdoc research in University of Georgia during 2008-2012, mainly in the genomes of various energy plants, genetic breeding and bioinformatics research after completing his PhD in 2008 from King’s College London, University of London, majored in molecular genetics. After back to China in 2012 March, he started his career as a leading scientist in China Tobacco Gene Research Center, a department of Chinese National Tobacco Monopoly Administration, responsible for Chinese tobacco bioinformatics platform, focusing on tobacco genome, genetics and bioinformatics research. Since April 2013, he has been working as a leading scientist and group leader for Prof. Jeffrey Bennetzen's group (a talent of foreign 1000 plan of China, a US national academy of science) in Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB), Chinese Academy of Sciences.  

Currently, he and his colleagues focus on the studies of the whole genome composition, transcriptome profile and genetic variation of several species of economic importance using advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and bioinformatics. His research will reveal what the entire genome sequences are, how genes function to determine important crop traits, and how to use the information for molecular breeding.  

He has completed or participated in some projects including a Chinese national foreign 1000 plan talent project, 3 US national research projects , 1 US National Science Foundation project, 1 royal society project, 2 Chinese NSFC projects, 1 Education Commission project of Hunan Province,1 State Tobacco Monopoly Administration project of tobacco genome bioinformatics analysis in 2012, presiding 1 Hunan Poverty alleviation project and 1 XTU research project, 2national computer software licensed (the first author signature). He gained multimedia teaching awards from Hunan Province and from XTU respectively, published more than 5 high level of SCI in recent years (with the highest IF 31 as coauthor and the highest IF greater than 5.0 as the first author). He attended dozens of the international academic conference and gave many oral report several. Some of his research papers were published in journals Nature biotechnology, Journal of experimental botany, Bioenergy research,G3 Genes/genomes/genetics and so on. Several articles published were cited by the top academic journals of the world, as Nature genetics, Genome biology, Nature reviews genetics, Current Opinion in Plant biology and so on. He is also a reviewer of international academic journals Journal of experimental botany, plant signaling & behavior, Molecular Biology Reports, bioinformatics and Chinese academic journals of Hereditas, biochemistry and Molecular Biology and so on.   

He is an academic member of US Bioenergy Science Center (BESC), Society of Experiment Biology (SEB), the International Genetic Association, Chinese Genetic society, and is a member of Chinese Genome Council.  

Research interests and undergoing projects: 

Research interests are using molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics to reveal genomic information, transcriptome profile, genetic diversity of germplasm resources of species, aiming at deeply disclosing the whole genome sequence information, profiling genes’ expression at the whole genome level and its relationship with the development or important economic traits, providing software and tools such as molecular markers, genetics map for molecular breeding and crop improvement. The research is collaborating closely with the University of Georgia, domestic research institutes and universities. The main researches of interests are listed in the following aspects: 

1)Whole genome research 

Genome is the entire set of hereditary instructions for building, running, and maintaining an organism, and passing life on to the next generation. Genomics is the study or knowledge of all genomes.  

My research interests focus on revealing genome sequence composition, evolution, and diversity of the economically important, scientifically significant species. We have completed the reference genome of foxtail millet published in Nature Biotechnology, 2011. There are several undergoing genomes of crops including SetariaItalica, Eragrestistef, wheat (Triticumaestivum, Chinese Spring), bamboo (Bambusoideae), and some important plants originated from China, such as tea (Camellia) and so on.  

2)Transcriptome research 

Crop traits and responses under various environments are controlled by gene activity namely gene expression. 

I am interested in the relationships between gene expression and traits at transcriptome level. For example, the quality of Camellia tea is associated with the development of the leaves, and which genes determine the quality of the tea? I will investigate the perspective of genome-wide transcriptome profile plus metabolites to discover the secret of the relationship. Another example is how homoeologous gene functions in a polyploidy (multiple genomes) species. One project of that is which homoeologous genes will be play major role in the process of stress in hexaploid wheat with three genomes? 

3) Molecular breeding research 

Molecular breeding would fundamentally improve the yield and quality of crops. I use the most advanced genotyping technology to score crossing populations, natural populations and to conduct genetic variation analysis, to rapidly construct a genetic map and association analysis, to locate the genes’ region responsible for traits and to develop large-scale of molecular markers for breeding. We developed a series of technologies and software for speeding the development of a large number of SSR and SNP molecular markers or variation atvery low cost in a short time, to provide direct application tool for germplasm resources and molecular breeding.  

4) Bioinformatics 

Bioinformatics technology is a powerful tool for my research of genomics, transcriptome and molecular breeding. I have a rich experience in professional NGS data analysis and related software development. Some results of NGS analysis are published and referenced in the world top famous academic journals. Several bioinformatics software are registered and licensed by Chinese Copyright Administration, such as the development of molecular markers at whole genome level.  

Cooperation unit (part list) 

Current research projects collaborate with some domestic and foreign research units. These units include University of Georgia, (Chinese) National Camellia Research Center, Yunnan Tea Research Institute, Hunan Tea Research Institute, Yunnan Camellia Reticulata Experiment Base, some Forestry Bureau in China and some domestic Universities. 



Name: Meng Li M.S. 

Phone: 0871-65225484 

Email: limeng@mail.kib.ac.cn 

Research group: Bennetzen's group in KIB 

Office: Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China 

Address: 132# Lanhei Road, Heilongtan, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, China 

Webpage: http://www.escience.cn/people/mengli-kib/index.html 

Meng Li’s CV 

January 1988 Yunnan, China  

2012 M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Jiangsu University 

2009 B.S. in Applied Chemistry, Qingdao University  

Research interests and undergoing projects: 

1. Evolution of the vertebrate MAPK genes and genome comparative studies; 

2. Cloning and characterization of Defensin genes from Hyriopsiscumingii; 

3. Evolutionary analyses of the ADAM gene family in rat and mice; 

4.Now major in SNP calling, RNA-seq, Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics, Next-gen sequencing 



Name: Micai Zhong M.S. 

Phone: 0871-65225485 

Email: zmchlj@126.com; zhongmicai@mail.kib.ac.cn 

Research group: Bennetzen's group in KIB 

Office: Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China 

Address: 132# Lanhei Road, Heilongtan, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, China 

Webpage: http://www.escience.cn/people/zhongmicai/index.html  

Micai Zhong’s CV 

Micai,Zhong, has been worked in the Kunming institute of Botany(KIB) from August , 2013, Who graduated in Graduate University Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences, with strong team spirit, experimental and data analysis skills, Seven years’ research experience in plant nutrition, global change ecology and molecular biology.  

Research interests and undergoing projects: 

I am dealing with gene ontology and participating in SNP calling now. I have great interests on bioinformatics and biofuel, I will work with my workmates next several years in Jeffrey Bennetzen’s team in KIB. And I am looking forward to my further studying on genetics and agriculture. 




Name: Qiaoyu Ning B.Eng. 

Phone: +86-(0)871-65225485 

Email: qu.n@foxmail.com  

Research group: Bennetzen's group in KIB 

Office: Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China 

Address: 132# Lanhei Road, Heilongtan, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, China 

Qiaoyu Ning’s CV 

Qiaoyu,Ning graduated in XTU, an independant girl with plenty of hobbies, do what she prefers with her mind, and enjoy exploring the beauty of the rich biology world ,bravely and freely, to lead an easy-going nature of life in inner peace.  

Research interests and undergoing projects: 

“It's my greateful honor to join in Jeffrey's group, which is a big surprise by cherished. So I hope to do my best to be helpful to the international biology development. I have been improving myself with more study to in-depth English and speciality. 'Yes, I can'.” Because Mere curiosity adds wings to every step (said by Goethe). 

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