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Germplasm Bank of Wild Species
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GAO Lizhi's Group
Professor GAO Lizhi
GAO Lizhi, Professor of Botany and Deputy Director to Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB/CAS). Major research interests are evolutionary & comparative functional genomics, molecular evolution, and population genetics, molecular ecology and conservation biology, ranging from genome evolution to the origins and artifici... More Content>>
Current Group Members
Group Leader:
  Prof. Dr. GAO Lizhi
  Group Members:
  Dr. HUANG Hui (Research Assistant)
  Dr. ZHANG Yun (Research Assistant)
  Mr. JIANG Wenkai (Research Assistant)
  Ms.LIU Shiqin (Technician)
  Mr. LI Yinghong (Programmer)
  Postdoctoral Fellows:
  Dr. GAO Ju
  Dr. KANG Haiqi
  Dr. WANG Xiaorong
  Ph. D. and M. Sc. Candidates:
  Mr. LIU Yunlong
  Mr. MO Xinchun
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Major Research Achievements
1) Origins and artificial selection of important cultivated plant genomes. We employ multiple approaches of theoretical population genetics, phylogeography and population genomics to understand fundamental questions regarding origins and evolution of important cultivated plants particularly including rice, tea, oil tea and camellia. We are also studying artificial selection with emphasis on the... More Content>>
  1. Chao Shi, Na Hu, Hui Huang, Ju Gao, You-Jie Zhao, Gao L. Z.*. 2011.Protocol: a high-throughput chloroplast DNA extraction procedure specified for the whole plastid genome sequencing. PLoS ONE (in press)
  2. Yun Zhang, Wenkai Jiang, Gao L. Z.*. 2011. Origin and evolution of microRNAs in flowering plants:genome-wide insights from Oryza sativa and Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS ONE (in pres... More Content>>
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