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Major Research Achievements
source:     author:     2012-08-09

Over the past three years our group has worked on several facets of drug screening and research in treating neuropsychiatric diseases. Our studies encompass four areas. First, we systematically screened about 1,000 compounds from TCMs against neuropsychiatric disease and found about 50 compounds with potent bioactivity in molecular, cellular and animal models. Second, we demonstrated that the lead compounds modulated the cellular level of second messengers (cAMP, Ca2+) involved the neurotrophin signaling pathway that might potently modulate neurogenesis. Third, we spent significant effort to elucidate the molecular basis of how the chlorogenic acid to extend lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans.Lastly, our recent studies have contributed to the hypothesis that ion channel modulators might serve as lead compounds for treating neuropsychiatric diseases.

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