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Selected Publications

Selected publications

1)      Sui Xiao-Lin, Li Ai-Rong*, Chen Yan, Guan Kai-Yun, Zhou Lu, Liu Yan-Yan. 2014. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: potential biocontrol agents against the damaging root hemiparasite Pedicularis kansuensis? Mycorrhiza 24: 187195.

2)      Sharma Anup, Chandra Poudel Ram, Li Ai-Rong, Xu Jian-Chu, Guan Kai-Yun*. 2014. Genetic diversity of Rhododendron delavayi var. delavayi (C. B. Clarke) Ridley inferred from nuclear and chloroplast DNA: implications for the conservation of fragmented populations. Plant Systematics and Evolution 300: 18531866.

3)      Li Ai-Rong, Guan Kai-Yun, Rebecca Stonor, Smith Sally E., and Smith F. Andrew. 2013. Direct and indirect influences of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on phosphorus uptake by two root hemiparasitic Pedicularis species: do the fungal partners matter at low colonisation levels? Annals of Botany 112: 10891098.

4)     Yang Yao-Wen, Qian Zi-Gang, Li Ai-Rong, Pu Chun-Xia, Liu Xiao-Li, Guan Kai-Yun*. 2013. Influence of temperature and humidity on the stylar curvature of Amomum tsaoko (Zingiberaceae). Plant Diversity and Resources 5: 613620.

5)      Li Ai-Rong, Li Yun-Ju, Smith Sally E., Smith F. Andrew, and Guan Kai-Yun. 2013. Nutrient requirements differ in two Pedicularis species in the absence of a host plant: implication for driving forces in the evolution of host preference of root hemiparasitic plants. Annals of Botany 112: 10991106.

6)     Li Ai-Rong, Smith Sally E., Smith F. Andrew, and Guan Kai-Yun. 2012. Inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi suppresses initiation of haustoria in the root hemiparasite Pedicularis tricolor. Annals of Botany 109: 10751080.

7)     Li Ai-Rong, Smith F. Andrew, Smith Sally E., and Guan Kai-Yun. 2012. Two sympatric root-hemiparasitic Pedicularis species differ in host dependency and selectivity under phosphorus limitation. Functional Plant Biology 39: 784–794.

8)     Hu X.J., Yang L.H. and Guan K.Y. 2012. Physiological dormancy in seeds of two endemic species of Begonia from Yunnan Province, China: diagnosis and classification. Plant Spcies Biology 27: 201-209.

9)     Guan Z.J., Zhang S.B., Guan K.Y., Li S.Y., and Hu H. 2011. Leaf anatomical structures of Paphiopedilum and Cypripedium and their adaptive significance. Journal of Plant Research 124: 289–298.

10) Wang Z.J. and Guan K.Y. 2011. High genetic diversity and low genetic differentiation in the relict tree fern Sphaeropteris brunoniana (Cyatheaceae) revealed by amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP). Botanical Studies 52: 231–238.

11) Wang Z.J. and Guan K.Y. 2011. Genetic structure and phylogeography of a relict tree fern, Sphaeropteris brunoniana (Cyatheaceae) from China and Laos inferred from cpDNA sequence variations: implications for conservation. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 49: 72–79.

12) Chen S.T., Gong J., Guan K.Y., and Zhou Z.K. 2010. Biodiversity conservation of the genus Incarvillea Juss. (Bignoniaceae) based on molecular diversity and species richness assessment. Journal of Plant Biology 53: 387–394.

13) Ren Yong-Quan., Guan Kai-Yun*, Li Ai-Rong, Hu Xiao-Jian, Zhang Le. 2010. Host dependence and preference of a root hemiparasite, Pedicularis cephalantha Franch. (Orabanchaceae). Folia Geobotanica 45: 443455.

14) Li Ai-Rong, Guan Kai-Yun. 2008. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi may serve as another nutrient strategy for some hemiparasitic species of Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae). Mycorrhiza 18:429–436.

15) Li Ai-Rong, Guan Kai-Yun. 2007. Mycorrhizal and dark septate endophytic fungi of Pedicularis species from northwest of Yunnan Province, China. Mycorrhiza, 17:103–109.

16) Li Ai-Rong, Guan Kai-Yun, and Probert R.J. 2007. Effects of light, scarification and gibberellic acid on seed germination of eight Pedicularis species from Yunnan, China. Hortscience, 42(5):1259–1262.

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