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Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia
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LIU Peigui's Group
Professor LIU Peigui

  LIU Peigui, Professor of Mycology and leader to the Research Group of Systematics & Resources of Higher & Marco-fungi. Major research interests include 1) Taxonomy, phylogenetics, evolution, and biogeography of selected genera or group of macro-higher fungi in China and adjacent regions, with especially emphasis on the Truffle (a genus Tuber (an ectomycorrhizal genus in the Pezizales (Asco... More Content>>
Current Group Members
Group Leader:
  Prof. LIU Peigui
  Group Members:
  Dr. & Associate Prof. WANG Xianghua (Research assistant, award PhD in 2008-7, research group member)
  Dr. & Associate Prof. YU Fuqaing (Research assistant, award PhD in 2007-7, moved to Kunming Branch of CAS in 2009-10)
  Senior Engineer WANG Lisong (Technician, awarded Master degree in 2008, a team member)
  Dr. & Associate Prof.... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
Since 2006, the research on the genus, Tuber, Lactarius, Cantharellus, Albatrellus, Suillus, and Tricholoma matsutak have been. 68 new species to science has been recognized. A numerous misidentified specimens and misapplied names have been studied in recent five years (Chen, 2007; Zheng, 2008; Chen JY, 2008; Wang, 2008; Yu, 2007; Tian, 2009; Shao, 2011). These results help us to get to appreci... More Content>>
  1. Chen Juan, Shun-Xing Guo and Liu Pei-Gui*, 2011. Species recognition and cryptic species in the Tuber indicum complex. PloS one 6(1): 1-10. (Covered by SCI)
  2. Chen Juan & Pei-Gui Liu*, 2011. Delimitation of Tuber pseudohimalayense and T. Pseudoexcavatum based on morphological and molecular data. Cryptogamie, Mycologie, 2011,32 (1): 83-93. (Covered by SCI)
  3. Shi-Cheng Shao, Xiao... More Content>>
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