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Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia
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PENG Hua's Group
Professor PENG Hua
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Current Group Members

  Group Leader:
  Prof. & Dr. PENG Hua
  Group Members:
  Dr. XIANG Chunlei (Associate Professor/xiangchunlei@mail.kib.ac.cn)
  Dr. Liu Zhenwen (Research Assistant/liuzw@mail.kib.ac.cn)
  Dr. Yu Xiangqin (Research Assistant/ yuxiangqin@mail.kib.ac.cn)
  Dr. Shi Chao (Research Assistant/ shicao@mail.kib.ac.cn)
  Ms. CHEN Li (Secretary)
  PhD Students:
  Zhao Qianru Ya... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
In the past 5 years (2006-2010), we have successfully accomplished flora investigation in Yongde Snow Mountains (2003-2006) and Jiaozi Snow Mountains (2009-2010). Plus the ongoing surveys of Cangshan Mountains and Northwest of Yunnan, ca. 20,000 specimens were collected and 8 new species were found. These first-hand data have being used as the main reference for some Nature Reserve foundation, ... More Content>>
  1. Liu, Z.-W., Zhou, J., Liu, E.-D., Peng, H*. 2010. A molecular phylogeny and a new classification of Pryola (Pyroleae, Ericadeae). Taxon 59: 1690-1700.
  2. Liu, Y.-C., Peng, H*. 2010. Miscanthus subgen. Rubimons subgen. Nov. (Poaceae) and Miscanthus villosus sp. Nov. from southwest Yunnan, China. Nordic Journal of Botany 28: 670-672.
  3. Xiang, C.-L., Dong, Z.-H., Peng, H*. Liu, Z.-... More Content>>
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