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XU Jianchu's Group
Professor XU Jianchu

  XU Jianchu, Professor of ethnoecology. Major research interests are the ethnoecology and human dimensions of global environmental change, including community-based conservation, land use/cover change, climate change impacts, and forest transitions and their implications for environmental service provision in mountain regions. E-mail: jxu@mail.kib.ac.cn More Content>>
Current Group Members
Group Leader:
  Prof. Dr. XU Jianchu
  Group Members:
  Dr. Ed Grumbine, Senior Scientist
  Dr. YANG Xuefei (Associate Prof.)
  Mr. YANG Jiankun (Senior Engineer)
  Mrs. CHEN Huafang (Assistant)
  Postdoctoral Fellows:
  Dr. LU Caizhen
  Dr. LI Yunju
  Ph. D. Candidates:
  Mr. Carsten Richter (Germany)
  Mr. Sailesh Ranjitkar(Nepal)
  Mr. Ekananda Paudel(Nepal)
  Mr.... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
(1) Observations of coupled human-environmental systems
  My team has developed, established, and enhanced integrated observation needed to monitor regional environmental change in coupled human-environmental systems. Major successes include: a) establishing long-term biodiversity monitoring in NW Yunnan and Xishuangbanna; b) developing innovative logistic regression and GIS systems for mappi... More Content>>
  1. Xu JC. 2011. China’s new forests aren’t as green as they seem. Nature 477:371.
  2. RE Grumbine, Xu JC. 2011. Mekong under hydropower development. Science 332:178-179.
  3. Grumbine RE, Dore J, Xu JC. 2011. Mekong hydropower drivers and governance challenges. Frontier in Ecology and the Environment (in press)
  4. RE Grumbine, Xu JC. 2011. Conservation with Chinese Characters. Bi... More Content>>
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