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Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia
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GAO Lianming's Group
Professor GAO Lianming

  GAO Lianming, Professor of Botany to Kunming Institute of Botany, and vice-director of Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Major research interests include 1) phylogenetics, evolution, and biogeography of Ericaceae and Taxaceae; 2) population genetics and phylogeography of the Taxus wallichiana complex and Rhododendrons; and 3) Plant DNA barcodin... More Content>>
Current Group Members
  1. Dr. GAO Lianming (Prof. PhD, Group leader)
  2. Dr. LIU Jie (Assistant Research Fellow)
  3. Dr. POUDEL C. Ram (Assistant Research Fellow)
  Doctoral Candidates:
  1. YAN Lijun (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & GAO Lian-Ming, 2012-)
  2. Kasun meegahakumbura (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & GAO Lian-Ming, 2012-)
  3. LUO Yahuang (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & GAO Lian-Ming, 2012-)
  Master... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
1) Speciation and evolutionary history of Taxus wallichiana
  The interplay of orographic uplift and climatic changes in the Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains region (HHM) is believed to have played a key role in speciation and population demography. To gain further insight into these processes, we investigated their effects on Taxus wallichiana by combining molecular phylogeography and species dis... More Content>>
Publications (* corresponding author)
  1. Möller Michael, Gao Lian-Ming*, Robert R Mill, Liu Jie, Zhang De-Quan, Ram C. Poudel, Li De-Zhu*. 2013. A multidisciplinary approach to tackle taxonomically challenging taxa: the Taxus wallichiana complex. Taxon (accepted for publication).
  2. Yan Li-Jun, Zhang Zhi-Rong, Li De-Zhu, Gao Lian-Ming*. 2013. Isolation and characterization of microsa... More Content>>
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