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Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia
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Selected Publications
source:     author:     2013-09-09

1. Chen ST, Gong J, Guan KY, Zhou ZK. 2010. Biodiversity Conservation of the Genus Incarvillea Juss. (Bignoniaceae) Based on Molecular Diversity and Species Richness Assessment. Journal of Plant Biology 53: 387~394.

2. Yang Y, Zhai YH, Liu T, Zhang FM, and Ji YH. 2011. Detection of Valerianajatamansi as an adulterant of medicinal Paris by length variation of chloroplast psbA-trnH region. Planta Medica 77: 87~91.

3. Chen ST, Wu XY, Ji YH, and Yang JB. 2011. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in Pistaciaweinmannifolia (Anacardiaceae). International Journal of Molecular Sciences 12: 7818~7823.

4. Chen ST, Xing YW, Su T, Zhou ZK, Dilcher DL, Soltis DE. 2012. Phylogeographic analysis reveals significant spatial genetic structure of Incarvilleasinensis as a product of mountain building. BMC Plant Biology 12: 58.

5. Tao CC, Yang ZY, Lu RR, Liu T, Ji YH, and Chen ST. 2012. Microsatellite markers for the relictual dove tree, Davidiainvolucrata (Cornaceae). American Journal of Botany 99: e108~110.

6. Yang ZY, Lu RR, Tao CC, Chen ST, and Ji YH. 2012. MIcrosatellites for Tetracentronsinense (Trochodendraceae), a tertiary relict endemic to East Asia. American Journal of Botany 99: e320~322.

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