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Key Laboratory for Plant Diversity and Biogeography of East Asia
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Current Group Members
source:     author:     2012-08-13


Group Leader: 

PhD & Prof. YANG Zhuliang

Group Members: 

PhD & Associate Prof. GE Zaiwei

LI Yanchun (member, PhD, Research Assistant)

 Former Students: 

WANG Jinfeng (2007.9–2010.11, PhD, co-supervised by Xun Gong and Zhu-Liang Yang)

LIANG Junfeng (2004.9–2007.5, PhD)

YUAN Li (2005.4–2008.5, PhD, co-supervised by Zhu-Liang Yang and Hong Hu)

GAO Qian (2006.9–2009.7, PhD)

LI Yanchun (2004.9–2009.7, PhD)

GE Zaiwei (2005.3–2008.1, PhD)

Current PhD Candidates: 

FENG Bang (2006.9–)

WU Gang (2008.9–)

Iqbal Hosen (2010.9–)

TANG Liping (2007.9–)

ZNEG Niankai (2008.9–)

CAI Qing (2008.9–)

CHEN Shaoxing ( 2010.9–)

GUO Ting (209.9–)

DU Xihui (2007.9–)

ZHU Xuetai (2009.9–)

Current Master Students: 

QIN Jiao (2010.9–)

HAO Yanjia (2010.9–)

ZHAO Kuan (2011.9–)

Postdoctoral Fellow: 

ZHANG Ping (PhD, Associate Prof. from Hunan Normal University, 2006.9–2010.11)

Visiting Scholar: 

J. Xu (PhD, Associate Prof. from McMaster University, 2006.6–2006.12)

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