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GUO Zhenhua's Group
Professor GUO Zhenhua

  GUO Zhenhua, Professor of botany. Major research interests include 1) identification of genes related to bamboo flowering; 2) exploration of microRNA involved in control of bamboo flowering; 3) adaptive mechanism of highly diversified phenotype in temperate woody bamboos; 4)bioinformatics with application in plant genomics. E-mail: guozhenhua@mail.kib.ac.cn More Content>>
Current Group Members
Group Leader:
  Prof. Dr. GUO Zhenhua
  Group Leader:
  Dr. ZHANG Xuemei (Research Assistant)
  Ms. ZHAO Lei (Research Assistant)
  Ms. YANG Yang (Research Assistant)
  Ph. D. Candidates:
  Miss WANG Xueqin
  Miss WANG Xiaoyan
  Mr. ZHAO Xuyao
  Miss ZHANG Yinchi
  MIss LI Xia
  Mr. YANG Guoqian More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
In order to answer these two questions, we investigated the transcriptome of bamboo flowering aiming to identify bamboo flowering related genes as well as microRNAs who play a role in regulation of bamboo flowering. We identified about 146,395 high quality unigenes with an average length of 461 bp, and about 126 microRNAs were indentified (89 conserved and 37 novel) in Dendrocalamus latiflorus.... More Content>>
Publications in last 2 years (2010-2011)
   1. Peng-Fei Ma, Zhen-Hua Guo*, and De-Zhu Li* Next-generation sequencing of a bamboo (Ferrocalamus rimosivaginus) mitochondrial genome and correlated episodic evolution across organelle genomes in grasses. PLoS One 2011, (accepted with minor modification).
  2. Zhenhua Guo, Aleksandra Adomas, Hong Qin, Jeffrey Townsend*. SIR2 and other genes are abundantly expressed in long-lived natura... More Content>>
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