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Germplasm Bank of Wild Species
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Current Group Members


Mr. LI De-Zhu, Ph.D (Prof., Group Leader)
Ms. LU Jin-Mei, Ph.D (Associate Research Fellow)
Mr. ZHOU Wei, Ph.D (Associate Research Fellow)
Mr. MA Peng-Fei, Ph.D (Associate Research Fellow)
Ms. ZHANG Yu-Xiao, Ph.D (Assistant Research Fellow)
Ms. WU Zeng-Yuan, Ph.D (Assistant Research Fellow)
Ms. YU Xiang-Qin, Ph.D (Assistant Research Fellow)
Mr. DU Xin-Yu(Engineer)
Mr. YAO Gang, Ph.D (Postdoctoral Fellow)


Doctoral Candidates:

Ms. ZHOU Meng-Yuan (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2013-)
Ms. YANG Xiao-Li (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2013-)
Ms. YE Xia-Ying (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2014-)
Mr. Moses Cheloti Wambulwa(Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & GAO Lian-Ming & XU Jian-Chu, 2014-)
Mr. CHEN Kai (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & HE Fang-Liang, 2014-)
Mr. DU Xin-Yu (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2015-)
Mr. ZHAO Lei (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & GUO Zhen-Hua, 2015-)
Mr. HE Zhengshan (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2016-)


Master’s Students:

Ms. CHEN Yun-Mei (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2013-)
Ms. LIU Jing-Xia (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2013-)
Mr. ZHANG Huan-Lei (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu & YI Ting-Shuang, 2014-)
Ms. HE Xie (Supervisor: LI De-Zhu, 2015-)




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