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LI Weiqi's Group
Professor LI Weiqi

  LI Weiqi, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Major research interests include: 1) plant molecular physiology and functional genomics; 2) abiotic stress adaptation in plants; 3) plant Lipidomics; 4) cryoprecervation of wild plant species.
  E-mail: weiqili@mail.kib.ac.cn More Content>>
Current Group Members

  Group Leader:
  Prof. Dr. LI Weiqi
  Dr. ZHENG Guowei (Research Assistant)
  Dr. YU Buzhu (Research Assistant)
  Dr. ZHANG Xuedong (Research Assistant)
  Mr. TAO Faqing (Technician)
  Mr. YUAN Bin (Technician)
  Ms. GUO Ruixian (Secretary)
  Ph. D. Candidates:
  Miss. WANG Dandan
  Miss. YU Xiaomei
  Miss. LI Aihua
  Miss. ZHANG Jie
  Mr. LIN Liang
  M.S. Studen... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
We found that plants adapt to frequent alterations between high and low temperatures by remodeling of membrane lipids and maintenance of unsaturation levels. This mechanism is distinct from that adapting to slow alterations in temperature. We found that the acyl chain lengths of phosphatidylserine lengthen during development, senescence, and stresses and that increasing length was accelerated b... More Content>>
  1. Zheng G, Tian B, Zhang F, Tao F, Li W* (2011) Plant adaptation to frequent alterations between high and low temperatures: remodeling of membrane lipids and maintenance of unsaturation levels. Plant cell and Environment. 34:1431-1442.
  2. LI W*, Wang R, Li M, Li L, Wang C, Welti R, and Wang X (2008) Differential degradation of extraplastidic and plastidic lipids during freezing and pos... More Content>>
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